Thursday, December 9, 2010

More work work.

It's a tough job. I cranked out the two interiors in a day, and I like them, but there's all these little things wrong with them. Doesn't matter model wise, but artistically.....guh the wonkiness of the stove!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Fan Art

Based on this Blomkamp vid:

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fungal Monk

The future form of our bioengineered food? Fungal evolution? Shinto Shitake? you can decide. A quickie for fun.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Worky work

Here's some work from the Labs. Head on over to our website for fun write ups and more art. It's fun working here. I'm using more photo's in my work here, it saves tremendously on time. Although I think people would be surprised to see how much editing goes on. Abovet picture being an example. It was a concrete lot, no mountains, no vehicles, no sign and a bright and sunny day surrounding the 'big shed'. Also the gaffiti is mine. Maybe I'll start tagging things if this doesn't work out.

Using the photo ref to this extent is pretty new for me, but for the project it's feeling right. Plus, I bang this shit out.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Elder One

last night's drawring.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Artless News Update

I know...why have an art blog and post no art? Art is coming, but there's a lot of things going on. Here's a few of those things!

The new job: So it's going awesome. I have a write up on me here, and I wrote it; so it's biased. We (Undead Labs) also have an article in a magazine already. EGM was kind enough to do a write up about us. It's weird being in EGM, I remember reading that mag when Legendary Axe was on the cover being touted as a Genesis killer or some such. Full circle and all that. Here's the cover.

Guillermo del Toro:

So awhile ago my wife called me and said that Guillermo would be talking down in Portland. I freaked out, panicked and bought four tickets; fearing that they were going to sell out. So I ended up with tickets 1 through 4. The nerd horns are sharp.

Anyway, I quickly put together a little book of art just for the man using Blurb (cooooool ass site). I thought it turned out ok, even though I put it together in a couple of hours. Book designers are crying in the same way I cry when I see comic sans horribly kerned. Anyway, to my untrained eye it looked pretty good.

Here's some poopy pics of it.

I headed down with some friends and my brother, stood in line and handed him the book. I was horrible. The only thing that would have made it worse would have been barfing diarrhea out my mouth while standing at the microphone. Still, he seemed to like the book. He mentioned more than once during the talk, so in the end it's a win. Even if nothing ever comes of it.

Here's the embarrassing video Dan the man Colemite took for me:

click the image

He's an amazing talker. Seriously, even if you didn't really care for his films (blasphemy), you'd be impressed with his character. Good fun.

Last but not least, I have no set up at home:

With the new job, I come home excited, but tired. I catch my bus at 5:30 in the am, so after getting the kids to bed, I really only have a few hours of freedom before I go to sleep. I live in a fairly small house, and there's four of us, which means I have no studio space. So in order to work digitally I have to move my Cintiq, laptop, and whatever else I need to the dining room table; and then break it all down again after I'm down. needless to's work, and when tired, the last thing I want to do. I plan on building a movable desk (on castors) to work at soon.

I can hide it in my closet.

After I clean it out.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Guillermo Del Toro!!!

Yes I capitalized the 'Del', because if fucking should be! I had the chance to see him speak in Portland on Wednesday night, and it was amazing. He is a very inspirational speaker. I seriously felt more creative after leaving that talk.

I also had the chance to hand him a booklet of concept art I made while still at Arena Net. He commented multiple times on how good it was. I've been pretty much flying ever since. Even if nothing ever comes of it, it was an awesome experience and a highlight of my art career.

Of course, my art career is also rocking. Check out (click link) Undead Labs to read more!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This Friday will be my last day at Arena Net. After seven years of Charr, Icons, Poobags, Dragons, delivered lunches, Battlefield Desert Combat grudge matches, 4 shipped games and Kekai's sweet smile, I'll be moving on.

My new gig is going to be at Undead Labs as the art director. Given the fact that I love the zombie genre (and have since 1988, when Curtis Pitt rented Dawn of the Dead for his slumber party) and pitched my first zombie game in 1997, with a slew of other pitches over several years (Three alone at Arena), you'd think this would have been an easy decision. It wasn't.

I went back and forth for a long time. It's selfish, but I wish Arena had fallen apart. I wish the projects became shitty and the people soulless shells that just punched buttons on their keyboards. That way I could walk away from this place with a 'fuck you' and not look back. It didn't. Instead it stayed amazing, and even more wonderful people joined. So now leaving is hard, and it'll takes a few weeks at the new job to fully accept my own decision.

The people here are tremendous, and their talent is unmatched in the MMO world. Having played Guild Wars 2 I can honestly say that the whole fantasy MMO genre is about to have it's teeth knocked out. The only teeth that will be left are the ones that it'll be choking on. Then it will die, and all that will be left is GW2. It's epic. As epic as Greg's overpriced French Dipped sandwiches.

So that's that, it's been a helluva ride.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010


My mini story Hate will be feature in ZOMBIE TERRORS! Asylum Press is putting it out around Halloween time, perfect for the creepy crawly season. Pre-order it on Amazon. Frank Forte really deserves this to be a huge success after having to put up with my slacker ass. Sorry Frank!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010

GW2 Art!

Hurray, one of my pieces is on the net. Now I can share. This is probably three years old now though....

Read the article here.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ideas are forming....

Let's take the genre in a different direction.

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Pimp my Kekai

Hey kids,

How much would you pay to meet all the Gods of all time personified in one bad ass individual? How much would you pay to learn from the master who made a smoothy out of Michelangelo's crushed bones (with the blood of seventy fawns, Attila the Hun's toupee, and a single golden peach)? How much would you pay to listen to the voice of a thousand angels singing together, only to teach you art? How much would you pay to sit next to the once and future King of Hyperborea?

Well? A million dollars? A billion? How about; a hundred and twenty? That's right, a hundred and twenty to sit near Kekai Kotaki,to learn his craft. The only others who have been so close to 'the one' are his parents, and his dead enemies.

So sign up for this once in a lifetime opportunity, or Kekai's seawolves will hunt you down and drag you to his underwater castle.

You don't even know what he'll do to the body.