Wednesday, October 24, 2012


MmmmmHmmmmnn. Dinner!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Been pretty busy lately with lots of fun stuffs!

So numero uno, the above image is featured in TRIUMPH by Greg Broadmore. It might be my favorite book he's put out. I highly recommend picking it up. I wasn't goging to show the whole image, but Christian Pearce did, and if he can, so can I. Right?

Line art by Guy Davis. Colors by sexy Doug, that's me.

Another project I worked on was a motion comic for the Terra Nova dvd/Blu-Ray. Javier Soto directed it, it's the second project I've worked on with him, and it was great. He's a super cool guy, and easy to work for. Which reminds me, I only colored it, Guy Davis did all the line art. Guy Davis, one of my all time favorite artists.

I also worked with Javier on The Great Calamity, which will be featured on the Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Blu-Ray. It's super cool, and was another fun project to work on. Javier chose a super cool animated style to render it in, and I actually like the tone of the short better than the actual film (Which I also enjoyed). You can read a little about Javier's flick HERE.

 There was some other things outside my day job that I can not talk about. Secret shit. Mayan calendar and all that. Illuminaughty shit. Naughty.

Then, there's the day gig. We're getting really close to an end here. I'm excited and terrified. Oh! We're selling shirts. Buy some.

PAX went really well. Those are my fat fingers in the above video.

Oh...and then there my ever fucking unending preproduction movie. Man...making movies by yourself is hard. the arm is working pretty well now though, and I'm piecing together how to make some silicone wounds.It's a great learning experience if nothing else. That image of the arm is a few weeks old. It's better now.

Lay all this on top of trying to get in a little bit of shape, two kids, a wife, and a little bit of sleep; not much time for anything else!