Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Astro Boy!

My daughter (the first one) and I have been having fun reading the old Astro Boy comics at bedtime. We're also watching the 80's cartoon on Netflix. I also finally beat Astro Boy Omega Factor for the GBA. It's a great game. All in all Astro's pretty fun stuff. I could go on and on, but I'm nearly out of lunch time, and I want to post my pic!

That's right, I drew during lunch! I barely have any time lately, none at home, but today I took a break at work. I plan on doing it more. I'm hurting due to the lack of sleep, but it'll pass eventually...once the kids are gone and safely out of college.

The pic looks a little too Popbot, and isn't finished, but fun to do.


Ian said...

Cool! Are you going to see the Astro Boy movie?

mrbloober said...

Terrific! Everyone loves Astro Boy! Speaking of the GBA game, it is fantastic, but if you really think you're done...think again!

Unless you just beat it the second time. In which case, yes you are done. BUT IF NOT..!

Carozo, el más groso said...

doesn't he look a little gay for this century?

Anonymous said...

@Carozo: I happen to agree with you right there. Fortunately for those of us who love manga, artist Naoki Urasawa has come up with a total revamp of Astroboy aka Atomu. You may follow his new adventures here or at your nearest comic book store--

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