Monday, May 5, 2008

Spaceman Mini Repaint ideas

One of the guys, on one of the 'indie' forums I go to is hosting a lil' contest. The prize is to win one of Scott's uber cool Spaceman Mini's!


Here's me entry. I did it quickly at lunch.

Check out Scott's awesome blog here.


scott vanden bosch said...

it looks awesome doug - thanks for the kind word !

Nige said...


Our rock covers band would like to ask your permission to use the spaceman image for our gig poster. It would be used on the lower part of the poster to represent the members of the band. I can send a proof of a draft poster if you wish. We are just starting out, so the gigging thing is not for profit yet (and probably never will be), but I am in publishing, so I think it only fair that we ask your permission and determine if you have a fee for this use.

Many thanks,