Friday, October 3, 2008

Page 3, still early....


Tim said...

That's pretty brutal. But nonetheless awesome.

Luca said...

Hi Doug! Well done for your wonderful zombies! They're cool :D
Well I asked Xia if he would make another interview with some question to you... well he told me that all of you are quite busy at this time, so he recommended me to post the questions directly onto your blog. I hope you have some time to answer me! Well your answer will definitely help my skill! Thanks! Here they are:

1: How do you get ideas... thumbnail sketches, movies, magazines??

2. How do you make such perfect outlines? Is there any technique (like you see in anime pictures)?

3. You have quite some sci-fi environments that are perfectly rendered... for such rendering, from where do you get reference- or it’s from your mind? (because they don’t really exist!)

4. what are your favourite tools in Photoshop- the ones that make your artwork so real, & and your favourite software?

5. How much time you spend to make a finished painting? (I know there is no fixed time!)

6. Do you have a favourite medium to color your drawings on paper, what is it?

7.How to build up a name in the design industry... because as you said last time (Xia video), you want to draw and draw... the same thing is for me- but what tips you give to us (by the way I’m 19) that we still have lots of things to learn but lots of things to give?! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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