Monday, June 15, 2009

Mary Hill Loops Deck Designs.

Long time no posts. Hopefully that's going to change. I finally have some free time, so I'm hoping to do some more work on Red.

Here's a design for a deck celebrating Mary Hill Loops Road. Since it's a northwest thing I went for a more native design. I love drawing these heads. I wish the whole board had been pushed that way. Maybe next time.

Lot's of options for the client. Usually I wouldn't do that, but I change colors and added things at the last minute. This was I can give them what I think works best, and still what I promised. The close ups are for halftones. I love that old school comic book vibe you get with a cheap PS filter.

Also, I wanted to promote a real cool show over in Italy. Daniel Docui and Kekai have work in it. So do a ton of other great artists (seriously, check out the list).

I had the opportunity to potentially be in it, but did not respond to the e-mail right away (My 1 year old, my 5 year old, and several freelance gigs, plus more was all exploding at once) , and then forgot about it. Forgetting about that e-mail cost me a paid trip to one of the few cities I feel I must visit before I die. Let that be a lesson to us all, respond to e-mails immediately.

Here's the link to the site, check it out, and if you can, go to the show!


Luca said...

Hi Doug, yeah man long time no post! I visit here daily and that Random Demon did his position on the top for bit too long :D - well done this piece is great especially the "D" one!

Man, you should starred that email! I've seen Kekai's and Dociu's artwork and they're truly awesome! Kekai is such a kickass. I live very close to Italy but unfortunately I won't be able to attend during those days (damn!). Anyways, I hope Kekai keeps us updated with his artwork around there.

Keep up the great work Doug, I'll be around here often ;)

Anonymous said...