Thursday, September 24, 2009


So I received my copy, which I'm guessing means I can post this. It's for the Udon Dark Stalkers Tribute book. Cool book, lots of great art in it. I only had a few hours to spend on it. Kekai convinced me to enter the contest last minute. I worked hard to get something done, partially because I didn't want to let Kekai down. Where's Kekai's piece? Oh, he didn't finish it.



Luca said...

Great finished piece doug! Hell no, how come Kekai didn't finish it???? He's able to make those awaesome pices in a couple of hours :( Tell him to upload this "unfinished" piece on his blog when you happen to meet him cause I want to see it! :)

Anyways good work again, it's really cool and the color palette is very nice.


NickZ. said...

Just picked up the book for my birthday. Congrats on the piece! Turned out really nice!

Very nice work on the blog as well!
Peace-NickZ! :)