Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pimp my Kekai

Hey kids,

How much would you pay to meet all the Gods of all time personified in one bad ass individual? How much would you pay to learn from the master who made a smoothy out of Michelangelo's crushed bones (with the blood of seventy fawns, Attila the Hun's toupee, and a single golden peach)? How much would you pay to listen to the voice of a thousand angels singing together, only to teach you art? How much would you pay to sit next to the once and future King of Hyperborea?

Well? A million dollars? A billion? How about; a hundred and twenty? That's right, a hundred and twenty to sit near Kekai Kotaki,to learn his craft. The only others who have been so close to 'the one' are his parents, and his dead enemies.

So sign up for this once in a lifetime opportunity, or Kekai's seawolves will hunt you down and drag you to his underwater castle.

You don't even know what he'll do to the body.



Luca said...

Doug I am so SAD man! :(

I would pay that fee if I'd be in the states...You are so lucky to have such a heavenly place to work with him and get a piece of Cake whenever you feel hungry! I have already asked Kekai if the people from FuturePoly would make something for us fans outside the States - for example record it and sell the download. Man I told Kekai a million times, I simply LOVE his work, and that without any doubt I'm his greatest fan. Too bad that the Lord placed me so far away from you guys over there. I would really wish to be there, honestly. I can't imagine how much would I improve to be surrounded with such amazing artists, and get the opportunity for such epic workshops. Here I don't have anyone as passionate about art as I am...

Anyways, give him my good luck. I will envy those who'll be there... for me hie's an artistic god, surrounded with his charr angles and warriors.

Cheers -_- "tsk, tsk"

Frank Forte said...

cool man. saw the zombie pages in spectrum. got any new sketches?

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