Friday, October 1, 2010

Guillermo Del Toro!!!

Yes I capitalized the 'Del', because if fucking should be! I had the chance to see him speak in Portland on Wednesday night, and it was amazing. He is a very inspirational speaker. I seriously felt more creative after leaving that talk.

I also had the chance to hand him a booklet of concept art I made while still at Arena Net. He commented multiple times on how good it was. I've been pretty much flying ever since. Even if nothing ever comes of it, it was an awesome experience and a highlight of my art career.

Of course, my art career is also rocking. Check out (click link) Undead Labs to read more!


Luca said...

Heyy Doug! You should be man, such a feedback from Del Toro!! you have to be Super pumped :)

I hope you post us some more lunch sketches or fun stuff zombies you do. Keep it up man, I'm glad for you.
The "Chance Encounter" is really good.

David said...

Hey Doug, it's awesome to see you posting here again! I love your stuff, it's always a great inspiration! So keep it up :)

Cheers, David

Mariusz Kornatka said...

fantastic work

all the best,

Shane Smith said...

I saw the top image in "Zombies: The Truth" on national geographic and it caught my eye enough to make me scan the credits for the source - and thankfully it lead me here. You have another follower.

Such an original take on a typical "solder vs zombie" encounter, I love it!

Anonymous said...

That shot is awesome. Give me the chill if i was wondering in the woods with that pale figure.