Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Friday only!!! Emerald City Comic Con!

Hey kids, I'll be at ECCC this Friday selling ten dollar posters and some promotional magnets. This being my virgin year, there's not a lot, so get them before they're gone! I'll be at table H-13 with my good buddy Trevor Howell, who graciously donated table space to me.

I'll only be there on Friday though, after which my son Douglas 'Chuckleberry' Jackman The III , will take over and help sell my wares. He's a regular chip of the ol' block. Very easy on the eyes.

See you at the Con;



james wolf said...

very cool, I love your work :D I'm really bummed to hear about this comic con though, I was literally in Seattle last week job hunting and can't believe I missed the opportunity to meet you and network with other artists there. Anyway hope you had and awesome time and raked in the clams :)

Carolyn said...

I'd totally buy a print!

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