Thursday, September 15, 2011

Here are some quick bus sketches and descriptions.

Top to bottom.

Random paint splatter. Ripping off Ashley Wood...poorly.

12 page story idea for Greg Broadmore's brilliant Lord Cockswain character. He gets swallowed by a sandworm thing.

The sandworm thing...farting for some reason, and some images for a puppet-ish flick I'd love to make one day. I was thinking it would be live action, shot like an old PBS special. It was odd. Basically the sun had it's head stolen years ago, which threw the world into darkness, then this crater faced little fella frees it and puts it back on the sun spirits body (after a long trek and battle). The sun returns and chases out the dark beasties that stole it's head in the first place. Then she (oh yeah, the sun's a gal) grants the little crater-faced guy immortality as the night watcher; he rises while she rests at night to make sure the beasties of darkness can't plot anything against her ever again (the sun reflecting off the moon).

Dumb quick squiddy things. I hate them. Also some panels for a quick D9 prequel thingy (involves some fungal zombie prawns, I listened! ;))

'Pappy' character sketches. This is one of my most compete stories in my mind, possibly my favorite of them. Although, I have one new one I like a little more...


dorobo said...

tickle mr. woods balls eh? :)

to be honest at first glance had no idea that maybe it should remind me of something.. cylindrical shape? or that it is painted with real paints? :) anyways - cool stuff!

flaptraps said...

wish i had a imagination dog. these pages are dope.