Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Grendel Final.

At least for now. I kind of got bored with this one. It needs some work, but I could noodle it forever, and I have other things I need and want to do.


Colin Fix said...

Hey Doug, you've got a lot of really nice work on your blog. I'm diggin' it.

Doug Williams said...

Wow, that came just in time. I've been getting really low on my artself of late. I'm a huge fan of yours, so I really appreciate you saying that. On a side note, we sort of worked together (I think) on a Ron G. and Noah F. project in the past. Spoooky. Thanks again man, it means a lot.

John said...

Dude, this amazing! My students have found your blog and really dig your take on Gardner's monster. Love it!