Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pond Goblin Sketch....

There's a long story behind this one. I won't go into all of it, but I tried transferring it with Saral graphite paper onto some cheap cold press illustration board. I was going to use acrylic washes and finish it digitally. It has been years since I did any traditional painting. When I started painting though, I found I couldn't paint any more. It was horrible. Monkey's missing fingers and painting with their own turds could do better. I was very, very discouraged. I tend to go through phases with my art; I can get very depressed about it. Any way, I panted a sketch on marker paper, and it worked fairly well. I might show that later. So last night, I pulled out the original sketch of the goblin and did the acrylic washes on top of it. I spent a little over an hour. I'm fairly please with it. There’s problems, and a lot was lost in the scan, but still I think it holds up. At any rate it was a good start; I'll do the rest digitally.

This is a goblin from a story in my head. It lives at the bottom of a large pond. Within it is everything lost, socks, rings coins, toys, all the stuff you just can't seem to find. Part of a bigger story idea. The pic will be expanded to show some of that. Anyway, gotta' get back to work.

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