Sunday, August 12, 2007


I need to do more human figures. I'm so bad at anatomy and skin tones. I've decided to do more. So how do I handle this? Hide the feet in sand, hide the hands in globs of color (they might be fists) and throw a mask on the guy. Wow, I'm learning already!

Seriously though, I need to work on this. All my fav artist have it down, Ian McCaig, Colin Fix, Dermot Power, Dan Milligan, The Black Frog (and a slew of others); it's always their characters I'm most impressed with. Usually there's a speed there, a looseness, and an amazing grasp of what needs to be there and what doesn't. I want that understanding. I want to be fast, I don't like spending more that a few hours at most on any one piece. I want the confidence in color and line and anatomy to do what they do, in my own way.

I'm so far off course, I honestly question if I can get there in my lifetime.

They journey continues.


Spade said...

hey doug:

it seems like all of us go through phases like these where we dont think much of our works.

sometimes i feel that phases like these are needed so we can push ourselves in terms of growing artistically.

just ride the ride, man. =]


Marc said...
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