Monday, August 13, 2007

Meat Hole Demon...

At one point this was a demon Kekai, then it had a giraffe head, and then it had half a face, and eventually it had none.


kdw said...

Does Kekai know he's a demon? I like the muscalature on this one. Nicely done.

louis said...

Big fan of your work.

I'm currently working on a mod for Quake 1 (yeah, very old). Not sure how much you know about the game, but it only ever had two bosses, but five episodes.

The idea of the mod is to fill in such gaps, so we've been missing three bosses. Came across the Meathole Demon sketch on google images and have started using it as a concept for the boss of the second dimension.

When the player comes across him he'll be inert with a broken back across an altar, but then revive himself as they approach.

Think netherworld magician.

Are you ok with me using him as a starting point?

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