Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bubsy Boyo

He be so tall. Again, might be dark, will fix later if it is. The guy was just for scale, but he got a little too finished. Now he really looks pasted in. BAH!


seamas without pants said...

whoa--i happened to stumble upon your site--i really like your work! will be stopping by more often--!

Moai, from said...

Really cool critter, Doug. I have some crits, though, both of which have to do with his elbow region. First, it looks like something bit off the lower part of his triceps. Second, the spotlight you put on his elbow makes it too much of a focal point. Third...I have only two critiques.
It was cool meeting you in Seattle, man! See you around.

Anonymous said...

I do _really_ love your art.
Consider yourself bookmarked.


pRaKaSh bAiNg said...

nice work man

paac said...

hey, isn't that your work? -

paac said...
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Ben Mauro said...

Doug! you are too nice man. it was great meeting you in Seattle hope everything is well.

keep up the craziness.

P.S. what was up with the Cloverfield monster? I go into the theater and there is no giant whale.WTF???

smoky man said...

great illustrations. Found your blog via Google searching for "Cloverfield" pics.

a big Italian ciao from Sardinia
smoky man