Saturday, January 12, 2008

REVELATIONS and Massive Black hosted a workshop up here in Seattle recently and I got to be an instructor. It was super duper cool. I met a lot of great people and got to hang with some of my favorite artists in person. I cannot stress how incredibly nice everyone was. You'd expect some ego from these folks, they're good enough to have them, but there was none. So damn fun.

Anyway, my main demo was a disaster. Noting would take hold on the screen. Major flop, really, really bad. It left me feeling very disappointed with myself. Like my whole goal of improving this year was a miserable failure. I wasn't going to go to the next two days I was so upset. Luckily I did, and redeemed myself a bit. Here's those demo pieces. They were done pretty quick, and you can see my short cuts ( I kept fucking up the chickens feet, so BOOTS FOR YOU!), and what I focused on, but there's still a few ok things on there. The brain eating fella was for the thunderdome (topic=Dream Devourer), Jason Chan annihilated us. I mean ANNIHILATED.


WaiLik said...

I was too introverted to say Hi, but I've watched you whipped out amazing concepts in few seconds. you know, a student watching these masters at work, very intimidating. You are truly amazing and mind-boggling. Jason Chan was amazing, but you were upon those of the great. I was honored to be there and watch you guys at work.

Robo-Pirate said...

Yeah, seriously. After perusing all of your work, I'd give one of my front teeth to draw like you can. Not to mention your imagination. Don't get so down. You have major talent a lot of frustrated cartoonists (like, for instance, me) are envious of. I was stoked to see a new post up and was not disappointed.

Mark Behm said...

Yeah, I watched from time to time too. Nice to see you think thru a pic. Loved that tall guy, rooster and bigbrain!